Al Qasr Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah – A Five Star Hotel

This world renowned Al Qasr Hotel located within the Madinat Jumeirah is an oasis of breathtaking charm and elegance which has earned the reputation of being one of the most luxurious resort hotels in the world. The name itself, Al Qasr, means “the palace” and indeed the extravagant atmospheres of this five star hotel are every bit the replica of a royal palace. From its architecture to its luxurious accommodations and furnishings, this hotel is truly a hotel fit for a King. Its landscaped entrance is that of magnificent sculptures of Arabian horses that mirror the essence of Old Arabia and present its guests with an aura of complete elegance and relaxation. With a reputation for supreme hospitality and amenities truly of royal stature, guests are sure to find themselves immersed in the most tranquil and therapeutic atmospheres that will attribute to the utmost of memorable stays.

This exquisite five star hotel offers its guests an array of room styles and suites all adorned in the most elegant furnishings with warm earth tone settings, bed linens of the finest fabrics, LED televisions, complimentary Wi Fi, coffee and tea stations, mini bars, and marble bathrooms donned with large walk-in showers, soaking bath tubs and the most plush of bathroom accessories. Each room and suite has its own private balcony with views of the ocean, the gardens, the wind towers, and an array of other picturesque surroundings. Offering the purity of relaxation, serenity and therapies, all the accommodations at the Al Qasr are absolutely suited for royalty.

  • Arabian Deluxe Twin and Deluxe King Rooms- With picturesque garden views and views of the magical wind towers and antique furnishings, these Deluxe accommodations exude pure ambiance and relaxation.
  • Ocean Deluxe Twin and King Rooms – With so much elegance and warmth that surrounds you, the most tranquil view of the ocean offers guests an oasis of therapy while you take in the awe-inspiring sights around you. Rooms of antique décor and style are reminiscent of Old Arabia and a charm that will delight all its guests.
  • Twin and King Executive and Executive Ocean Rooms – These magnificent suites offer all the same extravagant amenities of the many styles of rooms with the added luxury of business surroundings making the businessman feel right at home. A true balance of luxury and relaxation coupled with the businessman’s needs makes these suites truly a favorite among the traveler who wishes to conduct business while still at play.
  • Junior and Superior Ocean Suites – These suites offer the most spacious surroundings again donned in Arabian furnishings and present its guests with the most majestic views of the Gulf of Arabia. The suites are inclusive of special club lounge privileges for its royal guests and much like all the accommodations this five star hotel offers, finds its guests engulfed in the pure essence of comfort and relaxation.
  • Arabian Suites and One/Two bedroom suites – These suites are well suited for families and offer spacious surroundings with its large bedrooms, extremely wide open living area that allows for social entertainment with panoramic views of the ocean. Every family is sure to create the most delicate of memories as they enjoy this true home away from home.
  • Presidential Suite – This magnificent suite is set atop the hotels highest level with the most spectacular of views, adorned in Middle Eastern style furnishings that exude incredible warmth and comfort making this suite fit for the finest of entertainment. It offers two massive bedrooms with two separate bathrooms that come equipped with separate showers and Jacuzzis to allow its guests the privacy of individualized therapy and relaxation. Truly these suites are the finest and most assuredly fit for kings and queens.
  • Royal Suite – This remarkably tasteful and elegantly designed suite with its antique Arabian style and extraordinary space is donned in the most exquisite design and décor and is perfectly situated on the highest level of this five star hotel. Those who find home in this Royal Suite have the comfort and convenience of private butler service, master bedrooms with the most delicate of décor and furnishings, and a dining area with fully furnished kitchen to extend on the true amenities of home. For privacy, family living, or entertaining the most diplomatic of guests, the Royal Suite is everything its name implies and truly a suite and living style fit for the highest of royalty.

The Al Qasr five star hotel is a unique experience in itself. Its palatial atmospheres promise its guests all the comforts, luxuries, and memories of a Palace adorned in elegance, warmth, and pure royalty – memories to embrace for a lifetime and stories to share with family and friends alike. Al Qasr has 40 plus class restaurants with an abundance of cuisines, bars and cafes to entertain all, the infamous Talise Spa and fully equipped fitness center, endless shopping extravagances and a flow of tourist and cultural attractions that are sure to satisfy the taste and personal intrigue of all its world class visitors and families alike. Al Qasr – A Palace of memories and special moments in time!!