Burj Al Arab – A Five Star Hotel

The Burj Al Arab is one of the most extraordinary and exotic of all five star hotels worldwide with its unique modern architecture designed and built in the shape of a majestic sail. Awarded many times over for being the most luxurious hotel in the world and recognized for its supreme hospitality and friendliness along with the most extravagant hotel services, this spectacular five star hotel proudly boasts with style, elegance, and most assuredly luxury.

All the rooms in this spectacular five star hotel are luxury suites offering the finest of room amenities from breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, as well as panoramic views of the picturesque city of Dubai. The guest accommodations begin with the two bedroom luxury suite designed with two levels of comfortable living, two special bedrooms with awe inspiring sea views, a massive private dining area with private bar/lounge, a kitchenette and two separate elegant bathrooms. Further to the luxury accommodations offered is the exquisite Club One Suite designed with the most extravagant spacious in-room bar and lounge area ever so perfect for entertaining with its two levels of living and magnificent inspiring views of the Gulf.

The next level of luxury guest accommodations is the extraordinary Diplomatic Three Bedroom Suite that is truly designed and fit for the most famous of diplomats and celebrities. With a special entertainment area, three incredible bedrooms, three separate living spaces, private dining area that seats 8 people and a private in suite bar its highly visible celebrity guests are sure to find themselves immersed in the magic of their surroundings. In continuing with the extravagant accommodations we move on to the Presidential Two-Bedroom Suite which in every regard is fit for renowned world leaders. With the most elegant of windows spanning from floor to ceiling throughout, two levels of living with two individual lounges, an enormous dining area and exclusive his and her dressing rooms that exude the ever deserving status of its guests, it is a living experienced for the most splendid of personalities. Finally the most extreme elegance in accommodations lies within the Royal Two-Bedroom Suite adorned in majestic d├ęcor and furnishings, and presenting an exclusivity that matches no other with its own private cinema and by far the most tranquil, serene all-encompassing views of the Gulf. Truly a suite and all its luxuries fit for a King.

Hotel Amenities
The plush Burj Al Arab offers these 202 luxurious suites, nine of the most astounding lounges and restaurants with the most tasty cuisines from around the world, a private ocean beach, four heated pools with two located indoors and two outdoors, a fully equipped fitness center, the infamous Talise Spa with an array of relaxing therapy services, private chauffeur services with drivers offering the utmost courtesy and professionalism as they escort their guests in the unparalleled comfort of a Rolls Royce or Mercedes, helicopter service to transport guests to and from the hotel, delicately private room check-in and check-out services, and a personalized reception held daily on each floor of the hotel.

The supreme cast of hotel staff members here at the Burj Al Arab is willing and able to meet the every request and desire of its prestigious stately guests with courtesy, charm, and an overwhelming desire to please. Every guest at this five star hotel is treated with the same sense of Royalty as those who find themselves nestled within the confines of the Royal Suite. An exquisite hotel that has been awarded and recognized multiple years for their exceptional hospitality and exceedingly well groomed staff that present with the highest levels of sophistication and professionalism, the Burj Al Arab is a majestic dreamland where near to every dream imaginable can come true. Burg Al Arab – an exotic paradise truly fit for a King!!!