The Kochi Marriott Hotel

One of the most luxurious five start hotels in Kerala is the Kochi Marriott Hotel. As one of the tallest buildings in the state of Kerala, the Kochi Marriott Hotel has a significant presence in the area and it stands tall above surrounding Kochi City. The Kochi Marriott Hotel is the newest addition to Marriott’s expansive line of international hotels, and while it is one of many five star hotels in Kerala, there are not many that are fitted with the layout, architectural characteristics, and amenity provision as the Kochi Marriott Hotel.

The Kochi Marriott Hotel is located on the campus of the largest shopping mall in all of India, the 17-acre Lulu Mall complex. This location offers guests of the Kochi Marriott Hotel the opportunity to immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle of the Kochi City shopping community and provides them access to some of the biggest retailers in India. The Kochi Marriott Hotel is also located in extremely close proximity to the city’s IT district, which is one of the most rapidly growing professional communities across the globe.

The hotel experience in the rooms of the Kochi Marriott Hotel is unmatched. As one of the more diverse five star hotels in Kerala, the rooms in the Kochi Marriott Hotel have intelligently thought out floor plans and tons of space. With 274 total rooms and various choices in terms of these rooms, guests are afforded numerous options. The Deluxe Room is 377 square feet and comes with either two double beds or one king bed. The Executive room is also 377 square feet but features access to the Executive Lounge, which is open from 6am to 6pm. This is the perfect option for the traveling business professional. The Club Suite spans 796 square feet, features access to the Executive Lounge, and come complimentary food options such as afternoon tea and dessert. The Vice Presidential Suite spans 1,506 square feet and is located on the 14th floor of the Kochi Marriott Hotel, providing expansive views of the LuLu Mall campus and the surrounding confines of one of the largest cities in Kerala. Finally, the most luxurious room option at the Kochi Marriott Hotel is the Presidential Suite, which spans 2260 square feet and provides access to various different business services throughout the hotel.

There is a wide range of amenities at the Kochi Marriott Hotel. Aside from a pool and a spa with 15 different treatment options, there are multiple onsite restaurants and a hotel bar and lounge. There is also an onsite fitness center with ample exercise equipment. Some amenities of the Kochi Marriott Hotel offer high levels of convenience for guests, such as a common business center, free Wi-Fi, free parking for those who have cars, and free airport shuttle service for departing and arriving flights.

Overall, guests of the Kochi Marriott Hotel will find an incomparable hotel experience at one of the most accommodating five star hotels in Kerala. With a location in one of the most high activity and entertaining cities in all of India and an unmatched list of high-quality amenities, the Kochi Marriott Hotel is the perfect destination for anyone visiting Kerala.