Hotel Baobab Suites- five star hotel

The Hotel Baobab Suites, a five star hotel elegantly styled and situated in the breathtaking island of Tenerife has a guest satisfaction philosophy and hotel slogan all their own that separates them from other hotels around the world. The concept behind their philosophy is as simple as simple gets. The “Your Holiday, Your Way, Our World” slogan is represented well by the supreme hotel staff that puts forth their every effort and is openly committed to showering guests, while on holiday at their hotel, with all the attention and pampering needed to fulfill their holiday dreams and enjoy the abundant attractions while surrounded by the most elegant of atmospheres. The world renowned Hotel Baobab Suites is recognized for its superior guest satisfaction philosophy worldwide and has received recognition over and over again for its supreme hospitality and dedication to its loyal guests.

Guests who are in search of the most tranquil of surroundings to ease away the worries of the world, or seek quality memory making moments with family and friends, or perhaps are seeking a relaxing home away from home where business and leisure alike can be enjoyed, the Hotel Baobab Suites is sure to satisfy your every desire. The hotel is equipped with everything that is needed to render guests the most personal of visits and all the comforts of home during their special holiday stay.

Hotel Amenities
The hotel is equipped with private heated pool and Jacuzzi and is situated near or on the beautiful white private sand beach. It offers comfortable and relaxing restaurants with the most tantalizing cuisines and celebrated chefs, cafes and bar lounges for cocktails and socializing as well as an array of cultural and social attractions. With their world famous Senscare spa guests can fully embrace the essence of serenity, tranquility, and superb relaxation with the array of heavenly face and body massages and treatments the spa has to offer. For fitness and health the Hotel Baobab Suites offers a health club that is unlike any other. Their Activate club caters to all the fitness and wellness needs of its guests from personalized training and exercise programs, group classes and even swimming activities all within the most playful of atmospheres allowing its guests to not only feel good about their fitness but find extreme comfort in socializing with other hotel guests who share in their same health and fitness concerns.

All of the accommodations in this plush hotel are spacious suites of splendid décor. The lavish suites are adorned in the most elegant of furnishings, and warm earth tones that exude the utmost in peace and tranquility, along with the most state of the art amenities such as flat screened LED televisions, dishwashers, refrigerator/freezers, washing machines, complimentary Wi Fi, and other advanced technologies. All the bathrooms in these stately suites have up scaled toiletries, fluffy shower robes, walk-in showers, and hairdryers.

Whether the Boutique Suite, Serenity Suite, or the Vitality Suite guests will be completely awed by the magnificent atmospheres blended with the perfect touch of home. With a choice of 1, 2 or 3 bedroom suites all with the finest of linens and comfortable, spacious living areas, guests are sure to find all that they need in the comfort of these magnificent suites. The Loft, the Indulgence, and the Euphoria Suites offer the top of the line in elegance, extravagance, breathtaking views, luxurious private amenities as well as extreme comfort, tranquility, and serenity while relaxing in the privacy of your suite or choosing to entertain colleagues or family and friends. These awe inspiring spacious suites offer much to its visitors in the line of relaxation and entertainment and are sure to bring about the most memorable moments as you holiday away from home.

For a charming yet spectacular getaway in the most populated and largest of all the Canary Islands, look no further than the elegance, charm, and lux